My Husband Ignores Me! 3 Ways to Change This Today

Your husband ignores you. I’ve been there. Most women have and I don’t need to tell you that it’s one of the worst places for any wife to be in. You adore your husband, and you want to feel valued and respected by him. That’s virtually impossible when the man doesn’t even acknowledge your presence at times. You’ve tried talking to him, haven’t you? My guess is that things maybe changed briefly but before long he was right back to ignoring you again. Perhaps the discussion escalated into an argument and you’re both still tending to your bruised egos. Regardless of what you’ve done to this point, things have to change now. If you don’t take deliberate steps to change the dynamic of your marriage, the level of resentment is going to build to a point where you two can no longer save the relationship.

Here are 3 different approaches you can take if your husband is ignoring you:

Ask him point blank what is bothering him. As women, wives and mothers we tend to be very empathetic. We take on whatever the my husband ignores mepeople we love are feeling. If your husband is ignoring you chances are very good that you’re going to silently determine that it’s an issue between the two of you. You may be surprised to know that most husbands will ignore their wives if they have had a bad day or if they are struggling with something internally. In other words, your husband’s lack of interest in you may have absolutely nothing to do with you. Ask him what’s bothering him. If he doesn’t offer any explanation, leave him be. The key is to reach out to determine whether he’s willing to talk about what is causing him to act the way he does. If he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing, you shouldn’t have to continue to be subjected to his mood. Take a few hours away from the house and him by enjoying lunch with a friend or a window shopping excursion. You may discover that his entire demeanor has shifted once you return home.

Shower him with more attention. At first glance this seems like a ludicrous suggestion for any woman who is dealing with a husband who chooses to ignore her. It’s actually all part of understanding the core of a man’s psyche. Your husband may actually be ignoring you now because he’s felt ignored in the past. That seems very childish, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, both men and women can revert back to childhood behaviors if things aren’t going their way. Often a man will take to ignoring his wife if she’s just undergone a major life event. One common period when this happens is after the birth of a child. Your husband may tell you that he wants to help in any way he can, but fundamentally the dynamic of your relationship has changed, and the baby is taking most of your attention away. The same can happen if you’ve recently made a career or job change. Your need to focus on something other than your husband may be enough for him to ignore you. Bear in mind that he may be doing this subconsciously without ever realizing he’s mistreating you. That’s why showing him some extra attention can have such a profound impact on him. It can literally change the marriage overnight.

make my husband appreciate meInsist on one-on-one time with your husband. Sometimes the best course of action to take when you feel that your husband is ignoring you is to focus on each other, exclusively for a few hours or days. If you’re able to, now is the ideal time to plan a second honeymoon. If you two can steal away a few days just from one another, you’ll notice that the bond between you will strengthen. If you’re not able to take that much time, a date night is in order. It’s best to try and plan this as a weekly event. You can trade babysitting time with other parents who want to engage in date nights too and if funds are low, there’s no reason to venture outside your own home. Plan a nice dinner that you two can prepare together. Indulge in a bottle of wine and in some great, stimulating conversation with your husband. Get back emotionally to the place where you two first fell in love and he’ll start to appreciate you all over again. It definitely takes effort but the end rewards are well worth it.

You can get your husband to stop ignoring you if you understand the right path to take to make that a reality. Be patient, thoughtful and kind as you work to reconnect with the man you marry.


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